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How Does Tracfone Prepaid Service Work?

Overall, Tracfone works the same like other regular cell phones. It uses all of the large carriers for services like AT&T, Verizon, Altell, T-mobile, or other smaller rural carriers that you can choose which one to use according to your preference.

However, there is a different between Tracfone with others that is the different price given to the customers. Tracfone takes a very small profit by takes on contract for you and resells the minutes to you.

How Does Tracfone Prepaid Service Work?

It could give you the same with what regular carriers offer to you except the internet data. You can get voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding and texting by using Tracfone.

Tracfone also has unique system to add and track the minutes on your phone. All of the phones provided by Tracfone are equiped with special firmware that interacts with their system either by you entering codes or by over the air (OTA) transactions.

This feature enables you to add the minutes to your phone anytime and easier because although the customer service is closed, you still can add the minutes to your phone without any problem. It makes the adding of minutes becomes efficient and very simple to be done.

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The efficiency of Tracfone system is not just in adding the minutes to the phone but also to other transactions.

It is quite a successful and unique system built by Tracfone that almost 90% of the transactions with the customers are could be done without the customer service required.

However, those transactions are secure as Tracfone has a set of parameters as unique as a fingerprint on each phone provided by them. Those unique parameters and sophisticated algorithm to generate their codes can be accessed only by Tracfone.

It is also very secure for your minutes within your phone because it can’t be stolen by others except your phone is stolen.

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